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What is GHEtool?

GHEtool is a software program for geothermal borefield calculations. It can be used to plot the temperature evolution in the underground, calculate the required borefield size for a given thermal load and calculate the geothermal potential of a certain project. With the professional edition of GHEtool, all these calculations can be easily exported to a pdf-report.

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Although there are a lot of similarities between GHEtool professional and Earth Energy Designer, there are some major differences.
  1. GHEtool professional is based on an open-source core, meaning that all of its models and assumptions are transparent.
  2. GHEtool professional is scenario based, so different design options can be easily compared.
  3. GHEtool professional goes further than just borefield sizing, it also includes load optimization functionalities, and in the future versions, total cost-of-ownership methods, geothermal potential analysis etc. will be implemented.
  4. GHEtool professional has an automated report functionality so all your calculations can be exported with a single press of a button, saving you hours in reporting for one project.
We have also written an entire article on this subject! You can find it here.

We believe that with the current energy crisis, we need to move fast. The best way to do this is to be transparent with the models and assumptions we use and by making the core of our tool open-source. In this way, new geothermal models, new methodologies and other innovations, can be implemented faster and be spread to the public as soon as they are developed. An open-source backbone of GHEtool ensures that we are always working with the newest models and insights, thereby driving the energy transition in geothermal space.

Depending on your company's security policy, a Windows Defender warning might pop-up when installing GHEtool. Since GHEtool is a rather new software, it is not yet recognised by Windows Defender SmartScreen, therefore it says that the publisher is unknown. By pressing 'more information' you can still install the software. After a while, this problem will be solved since Windows will learn to recognise GHEtool.

Some users get a permission error when they try to install GHEtool. Since GHEtool uses some resource on your PC to work properly, you need to have the rights on your PC to access them. Mostly, this error occurs on machines that are centrally managed or where the user itself has not the administrator rights to the system. To solve this error, try installing GHEtool as an administrator or ask your system administrator.

Borefield sizing involves numerous assumptions and estimations, which lead to uncertainties. GHEtool, while extensively tested with over 300 tests for each new version and backed by a comprehensive list of academic papers that have utilized or contributed to it, cannot eliminate this uncertainty entirely. The accuracy of your results primarily hinges on the inputs you provide, with the two most critical and sensitive assumptions being load estimation and borefield design parameters. Under identical input parameters, GHEtool yields results that are generally comparable to those of other sizing tools, with discrepancies primarily arising from different model assumptions.

From GHEtool Pro v2.2.0 onwards, there is a user manual available online (manual.ghetool.eu) for the professional users. It contains both explanations of the methodologies, all the inputs and some tutorials.



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