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GHEtool is a tool for borefield calculations, pioneering with novel methodologies and easy, professional reporting. The methods are open-source, built by the community, in order to harness the power of shared knowledge, transparency, and accelerated innovation. With GHEtool PRO, we built further on this open-source version and created an interface with automated reporting to create the ideal tool for professionals in the field.

GHEtool is a software solution for engineers, construction companies and academia for borefield calculations. data-lazy-srcset=

Our mission


GHEtool was founded during the master thesis of Wouter Peere at the KU Leuven (The SySi Team). With the support of Boydens Engineering (part of Sweco) and FH Aachen the open-source code base was released in 2021. With GHEtool, we want to democratize the energy transition by providing access to the technology necessary to expedite geothermal development and facilitate the feasibility of geothermal solutions.

“Geothermal energy plays an important role in the energy transition, but it comes with some major challenges, w.r.t. sizing, system integration, cost, thermal interference ... With GHEtool we want to offer intuitive software to speed up the design process and to increase the feasibility of geothermal solutions."

Founder GHEtool

Why choose us

The complete package


Based on an open-source core for borefield sizing, making it transparent, fast to innovate and less vulnerable to errors over time.


Designed to be scenario-based, so it is perfectly suited for comparing different design choices and options, with just a couple of clicks.


Makes it easy to keep track of various design changes during the execution of a geothermal project, so you never lose an overview of their effects.


Saves you time, by automatically generating professional pdf reports based on your project. Ready to be sent to the client!


We want to be a reachable partner, always ready to discuss new ideas, figure out bugs or advice with more complicated geothermal problems.


Driven by finding new methods and algorithms in order to tackle complex geothermal design problems, in an innovative way.

An example report from GHEtool pro.

What's included


GHEtool Pro
Easily compare different scenarios
Borefields up to 2500 boreholes
Glycol- and location selector (new in v2.2.0!)
Sizing with an hourly resolution
Automated report generation (download example)
Total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) analysis
& many more...


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